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Wine Download Server

[ICO]NameLatest versionSize
[   ]Installer for "Wine Development"
SHA256: a51fba6b14f39c666e56fe8d16ea24b1241ad301d49997f494488fad2c877ecc
2.0-rc5 109M
[   ]Installer for "Wine Staging"
SHA256: e66e7a5af67a2a14ef6bc412565b25d77533436866fbe16f7c7021087bf45478
2.0-rc5 117M

Alternatively, all packages are also available as .tar.gz files:

[ICO]NameLatest versionSize
[   ]Tarball for "Wine Development" (32-bit)
SHA256: d7449f83870c1e7ddff0a99203142357b7e5cf9d3fabb4456848103a3abc8bfb
2.0-rc5 55M
[   ]Tarball for "Wine Development" (64-bit)
SHA256: 2716fdb52b018d91e0effe748d705d143845d1f1048df361907f8bba2b991b47
2.0-rc5 104M
[   ]Tarball for "Wine Staging" (32-bit)
SHA256: 2c8e19d9ba1ca25b6c5ce1fff2a4d47f0b9f5a86083e0c5bd0dd5d4c5bf42474
2.0-rc5 59M
[   ]Tarball for "Wine Staging" (64-bit)
SHA256: a6f216a46547e722f70a5d1e938e6e6127abae9637c0f008c9a4cb28a12b1088
2.0-rc5 110M

To download an older version, please follow the link below:

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